Sunday, 2 November 2014

Who Else is Living in Your Wardrobe?

I had a conversation this month with a client (male) who asked me to help him update his look. Nothing new in that; and the wardrobe is the right place to start when considering an update to your image. So far; so easy. The booking proceeded very smoothly and we worked quickly and efficiently - until that is - he pulled out the most – well, what can I say - unflattering sweater. It was cream and green stripes (imagine that), hand knitted, moth eaten and smelt……musty. His mother had knitted it for him.

Now, before you leap to all kinds of conclusions, I was struck by a simple question: ‘who else is living in your wardrobe?’ I don’t – obviously – mean literally. However, what I was reminded of yet again was the power, the history and the emotions which are connected to our clothing. Whilst it might be all too easy (but inaccurate) to assume that dressing is an emotional experience for women alone, what was apparent for my client was that this garment had a profound relevance for him as well.

Cast your mind’s eye over your wardrobe (or better still, just open it up and take a look). Who else is living in there? Is it your younger self? An older version of you? A larger version of you? A slimmer version of you? A previous boyfriend? Girlfriend? Your best mate (whose style you love but deep down doesn’t really reflect you)? Your mother? Your husband? Your wife? Your pre-children self? Or someone else?

The point is that this is a powerful question to ask as we take stock of our clothing and the role they play in our lives. Our clothes need to reflect our true, authentic, current selves – and nothing else.